How We Work

Equal Partners with a Shared Mission

It was considered important that there be working relationships between not only the presidents but also the Board of Directors (BODs) of the member associations. Further, under the Alliance model, the respective ethnic psychological organizations operate as sovereign entities of equal stature and shared governance.

Meeting Locations

The all Alliance members share in hosting Alliance meetings. The Alliance meeting location coincides with the various associations’ annual or biennial conference meetings on a rotating basis. This rotation will allow for a clearer sense of shared governance and authority, as well as the opportunity for Alliance members to be enriched by and learn from each other’s associations.

Leadership of Action Items

Depending on the issue or task at hand, the Alliance builds into its deliberation and processes the flexibility for different member associations to take the lead on actions or burning issues for that organization while maintaining the benefit of a shared Alliance collaboration.

Schedule of Meetings

Alliance meetings are organized around an agenda that provides space for the purposes outlined under the Alliance’s purpose to be actualized.  Minutes are completed and maintained by the Alliance member organization responsible for each scheduled meeting.


The Alliance is committed to ensuring that its members can negotiate from a place of equality.