About Us

A look into the formation and continuation of "The Alliance"

The Spirit of the Alliance

  • The Alliance is an affirmative, inclusive process that is collective and embraces diversity.
  • Out of the Alliance emerges a better-organized discipline, one that more accurately mirrors and represents the diversity of the US population, while seeking to overcome current inequities in representation.
  • A critical benefit of the Alliance is better communication among the the various psychology organizations about priorities, issues, projects, and concerns.

Ultimately, the Alliance serves as a meaningful tool for action, sharing of information and resources, and promotion of an inclusive model of psychology.

The Alliance:

  • meets to address issues of importance to ethnic populations and to the advancement of worldwide psychological interests.
  • membership operates as learning partners.
  • through its meeting structure, provides space for issues to emerge; deliberations to be had; mutually agreed upon priorities to be set; strategies explored, shared, and implemented; resources and access to resources shared.
  • takes strategic action to pursue “winnable wins” that are mutually beneficial to the associations represented and the constituencies they serve.

Alliance Partners