Our History

National Multicultural Summit 2013:

The Alliance was born

The Groundwork

Dr. Suzanne Bennett Johnson initiated the meeting of presidents of the Ethnic Minority Psychology Associations (EMPAs) with the American Psychological Association (APA) in order to discuss ways to implement the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) established between each Ethnic Minority Psychological Association and the APA.


The group discussed several ideas about how the organizations might work with APA together on projects of joint interest. An example of this was the recent collaboration between ABPsi and APA on the subject of obesity among African American women and girls.

  • Jacque Gray (President, SIP*)
  • Lynda Field (President – NLPA*)
  • Richard Lee (President, AAPA*)
  • Don Bersoff (President, APA*)
  • Cheryl Grills (President, ABPsi*)
  • Gwen Keita (Executive Director, Public Interest Directorate, APA*)
  • Suzanne Bennett Johnson (Immediate Past President, APA)
  • Milton Fuentes (Immediate Past Present of NLPA)
  • Andrés Consoli (President-elect, NLPA)
  • Norman Anderson (CEO, APA)

The Collaborative Model

At the time there had been no formal structures in place by which the various organizations could provide one another with contact information following a change in the office of the President.

The discussion moved quickly to the question of whether it would be more beneficial for the then five associations to develop some form of inter-organizational structure wherein the leaders of each organization would come together as equal partners committed to sustained collaboration and cooperation.

The Structure

The Alliance would include two representatives from each organization both of whom must be standing members of their association’s Executive Board/Board of Directors. At least one representative must have served in their association’s presidential role (president-elect, president, or past president).

Two representatives allow for 1) continuity if terms are staggered and 2) each organization to include multiple perspectives.


The Alliance has maintained regular meetings and attended each other’s national convention since its inception in 2013.